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Flying Tigers Boeing 747-123F N800FT (MSN 20100/LN 46)

17 May 1970: First flight (Boeing 747-123)
18 June 1970: Delivered to American Airlines as N9661
13 February 1974: Delivered to Boeing, converted (Boeing 747-123F)
28 August 1974: Delivered to Flying Tigers as N800FT
08 January 1978: Delivered to Pan Am on lease as N903PA
31 July 1979: Delivered (returned) to Flying Tigers as N800FT
02 May 1981: Delivered to First Security Bank of Utah/American Airlines as N9661
December 1984: Ownership taken by American Airlines
20 December 1984: Delivered to UPS as N674UP
February 1987: Ownership taken by UPS
28 December 2002: Withdrawn from use
11 July 2004: Ownership taken by Stewart Industries International LLC
February 2005: Last seen, no engines, presumed scrapped

I still see her head and engine @ the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos. 

Airbus A340


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Cathay B747 freighter at ORD

Allegiant line-up

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